ci2 Política de seguridad de la información

At COMPAÑÍA INTERNACIONAL DE INTEGRACIÓN SA, we manage and execute engineering projects in telecommunications, electronic security, CCTV, research, design, development and innovation of technological solutions, including supply, technical support, assembly, installation, consulting, auditing, maintenance and Associated services; Commercialization of computer equipment and software for low voltage energy backup and backup systems; We satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers with a high degree of compliance, quality and a highly competent human resource.

Aware of Our Social Responsibility, the importance of human resources, the environment and information, the INTERNATIONAL COMPANY OF INTEGRATION S.A. From its senior management, directs efforts and resources to promote the protection of information regarding its confidentiality, integrity and availability, protection of the environment, promotion of health and safety of workers, through identification, evaluation and control Information security risks, significant environmental aspects and priority risks / hazards in the development of the company's activities.

We are committed to the development of our operations and processes with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing continuous improvement, information security, prevention of pollution and depletion of natural resources, prevention of injuries or occupational diseases and incidents Of work associated with work activities at heights and road safety; Or environmental impacts. With the decision to comply with current legislation, applicable regulations and other requirements, in support of the consolidation of the company, our customers, shareholders and other interested parties

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Date last revision: 13/12/2016